Countdown to ICON-IR 2024: A Public Seminar on Global Political Turbulence and Indonesia’s Role in It

IR UNPAR hosted a public seminar with the theme “Global Politics 2024: Turbulence and Indonesia’s Position” as part of the road to PACIS UNPAR’s 4th Biennial International Conference on International Relations (ICON-IR). 

Three speakers were present during this seminar, including: Dino R. Kusnadi, a functional middle-expert diplomat under the East Asia Directorate of Indonesia’s MOFA; Valdya Baraputri, an international multimedia journalist from Voice of America; and Idil Syawfi, an IR UNPAR lecturer specializing in international politics and security as well as defense and strategic studies.

The discussion covered a wide range of subjects including the responsibilities of Indonesia’s MOFA and their execution of agendas, global dynamics in a “turbulent” political environment, Indonesia’s role within multilateral forums, the media and its response to current conflicts i.e., the crisis in Gaza, growing disinformation, skepticism toward regional organizations, all the way to the global decline in democracy.

The seminar concluded with the introduction of PACIS UNPAR’s next exciting event: the 4th biennial International Conference on International Relations (ICON-IR) with the grand theme being “Traversing Turbulence in World Politics: Scrutinizing Scenarios to Drive a New Global Order.”

Panels available for ICON-IR 2024 include:

  1. The Repercussions of Great Power Rivalries: The Return of Geopolitical Games
  2. Unmasking Global Commitment to Tackle the Climate Crisis
  3. Involuntary Migrations and the Refugee Crisis 
  4. Media, Disinformation and Distrust
  5. Breaking the Limitations of Diplomacy
  6. Encountering Challenges of De-globalization in the Global Economy
  7. Disoriented Global Leaders, Dysfunctional Global Governance
  8. The Persistence of Injustice: The Rise of the Global South
  9. Voicing the Marginalized: GEDSI in Global Disruption
  10. Rejuvenating Indonesian Foreign Policy
  11. ASEAN Centrality Skepticism
  12. How the Idea and Process of Democracy Influence Political Narratives of 2024
  13. Special Panel for Students
  14. Other Related Topics

For more information and updates regarding ICON-IR 2024, access the link below:


To watch the full video of yesterday’s public seminar, click the link below!