Parahyangan Centre of European Studies (PACES), founded in 2006, is a study Centre focused on European issues. The Centre is integrated to the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, Indonesia.

The purpose of establishment is to develop European study, to provide greater understanding on Europe, policy making, and to implement the research in government and public activities.

As a research and study centre, PACES supported by researchers, under various disciplines. They graduated from reputable universities nationally and internationally. PACES has collaborated with government and non-government institutions, both at national and international level.

Director of PACES

Dr. Yulius Purwadi Hermawan


Four main objectives of PACES

To promote research and teaching activities on European and Asian topics through an interdisciplinary approach involving resources available at various faculties and/or departments at the Parahyangan Catholic University

To facilitate “people-to-people” interactions (the corporate sector, non-governmental organizations, party members, religious leaders, local authorities, and so forth) of Indonesia and members of the European Union (EU)

To encourage collaborative works of Indonesian and European academics and/or researchers in the forms of seminars, conferences, workshops, and joint-publications

To participate in the network of European studies centers in Asia and beyond