The European Parliament Election 2024: A Glance

When – The next Parliamentary election is scheduled to be held from 6th to 9th June 2024. This will be the tenth Parliamentary election since the first direct election in 1979 and the first after Brexit.

Who to Vote – The European Parliament is made up of 705 MEPs who got elected in the 27 Member States of the enlarged EU. Since 1979, MEPs have been elected by direct universal suffrage for a 5-year period. These MEPs are elected in their home countries to sit in Brussels together with other elected MEPs from other Member States according to their political affiliation, not by their nationalities.

Who are the Voters – All eligible (adult suffrage) EU citizens are given the right to vote for their MEPs

Why Vote? – While the Commission and the Council(s) represent the supranational and the intergovernmental sides of the EU, the European Parliament is the embodiment of the democratic dimension of the EU. MEPs represent all the citizens of the EU particularly in the decision-making process of the regional institution.

Concerns – The 2024 European Parliament election will be the first Parliamentary election after Brexit. The interest in this upcoming election has been on the rosy outlook as reports show as much as 9% more suffrage are interested in the peak of democratic celebration in the EU. Even so, the rising support of far-right parties in Europe is casting doubts in the projection of the EU’s future. The issue of political swing to the right polar is not a new one, but with such rise and Brexit as an example, will more Member States follow the UK’s step toward the exit? Whatever happens following the election, 2024 is no doubt going to be ‘Europe’s year of anxiety’.


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